Asymmetry of bremsstrahlung by moderately relativistic polarized electrons

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The asymmetry of bremsstrahlung by transversely polarized electrons using Sommerfeld-Maue wave functions has been calculated. In order to simplify the final formula the relativistic approximation has been used. The results obtained show a linear dependence of the asymmetry on the atomic number Z for the range 4≤Z≤26. It is shown that the approach developed gives the zeroth asymmetry for ultrarelativistic energies as expected but for initial electron energies ~5 MeV the asymmetry may achieve a magnitude ~8% (for Z=26). Polarimetry of electrons with energy higher than 1 MeV (where conventional Mott polarimeters have large experimental difficulties) may be carried out using the bremsstrahlung process providing a reasonable asymmetry and high cross section.

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