Assessment of wind power generation impact on the distance protection operation

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In the article an experimental power system consisting of Russian equipment, as well as 220 kV power line distance protection, are simulated in the RTDS Simulator. The settings were calculated and the polygonal characteristics of distance protection were constructed. A sequential installation of wind turbines into various nodes of the power system was carried out and the correct operation of the protection was verified. As a result of the study, the impact of wind turbines on the distance protection when they are connected between the protection installation site and the point of the short circuit is revealed. The analysis of this impact is made. Possible ways to solve the identified problems are proposed, such as the use of adaptive distance protection, as well as numerous studies of the behaviour of wind turbines in various operating modes for further analysis and possible adjustment of guidelines for relay protection using new algorithms for calculating and configuring of distance protection. The results of this work can be used to improve and clarify the recommendations for tuning, produced by manufacturers of relay protection devices, which currently do not take into account the impact of wind power generation.

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