Assessment of moisture absorbing power of iron oxide pigments by pH metry method

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The urgency of the problem concerning the rapid assessment of moisture absorbing power of powdery substances is discussed in the given article. The theoretical prerequisites for the determination of moisture absorbing power by an acid-base interaction in the system "solid bodywater" are considered. The advantages of the pH analytic signal of aqueous suspension are shown. Some practical recommendations of the new experimental data processing and interpretation by pH metry used for the assessment of moisture absorbing power of powdery substances are developed. It is shown that the velocity of mass transfer analytic signal undergoes changes with time depending on functional groups of the surface. These functional groups are initially predetermined by the inner structure of the object of the research. The explanation of the deceleration mechanism of acid-base reaction interaction in the system "solid body-water" is supplied. It allows examining the hydrophilic behavior (hydrophobic behavior) of the surface of the polycrystalline substance.

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