Approaches for retrofitting heat exchanger networks within processes and Total Sites

Lidija Čuček, Stanislav Boldyryev, Jiří Jaromír Klemeš, Zdravko Kravanja, Goran Krajačić, Petar Sabev Varbanov, Neven Duić

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This study presents developed approaches that could be used for retrofitting of existing heat exchanger networks (HENs) within individual processes and industrial sites to achieve lower energy consumption, cost savings and emission reduction. Successful industrial applications are further presented, and future challenges are identified. Approaches used for retrofitting of existing HENs are based on heuristics, on thermodynamic analysis and insights – Pinch Analysis and recently developed Bridge Analysis, on numerical optimisation - Mathematical Programming, and on hybrid or combined approaches which are based on a combination of heuristics, physical insights and/or numerical optimisation. Optimisation-based approaches could be further divided into deterministic and stochastic (probabilistic) methods. Those systematic approaches (all approaches except pure heuristics) use either sequential (divided into sub-problems) or simultaneous synthesis methods.

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ЖурналJournal of Cleaner Production
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