Applying the Algorithm of Calculation in the Frequency Domain to Ultrasonic Tomography

D. O. Dolmatov, D. G. Demyanyuk, D. A. Sednev, R. V. Pinchuk

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Applying ultrasonic-tomography systems makes it possible to precisely determine the shape and dimensions of flaws with the aim of establishing the degree to which the flaws influence safe operation of tested objects. This problem is solved by using special algorithms that make use of echo-signals recorded by an ultrasonic transducer to generate synthesized images of flaws in the sample. The use of phased arrays in ultrasonic tomography is explained by their ability to provide exhaustive data about the internal structure of a test object, thus allowing formation of the high-quality synthesized images of flaws in the object. Increasing the speed of ultrasonic tomography by using phased arrays necessitates the development and implementation of fast data-processing algorithms. In this connection, of interest are calculation algorithms in the frequency domain, which ensure the high speed of producing synthesized images. An ultrasonic-tomography algorithm is proposed that is based on calculations in the frequency domain. The algorithm takes the complex nature of the propagation of ultrasonic waves into account and is connected with the presence of media with different acoustic properties (e.g., in the case of immersion tests). Possibilities offered by the algorithm are investigated by computer simulations using the licensed CIVA 2016 software package and experimentally.

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ЖурналRussian Journal of Nondestructive Testing
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