Applied aspects of theoretical bases of express examination in electric power industry

Oleg Alekseevich Zhukov, Vasilii Iakovlevich Ushakov, Aleksandr Borisovich Plotnikov, Tat'iana Vladislavovna Svechnikova

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Objectives: The article is devoted to development of applied aspects of the theory of electrotechnical express examination, and also the new express method based on use of coefficient of proportionality. Methods: In it develops, stated in the previous publications of authors, the concept of a solution of the problem of theoretical bases of expert activity in electrotechnical and power branches. The work has an interdisciplinary character, as based on fundamental knowledge from area of electrical engineering and expertology. The relevance of this problem is caused by a demand the express examinations in practice of design and monitoring of the operating power and electrotechnical objects. Findings: The purpose and objectives of the conducted research consisted in development of effective methods and tools for increase of labor productivity of experts-electricians without damage of accuracy and reliability of their conclusions. In article new analytical express models and results of check of their practical applicability on a concrete example are described. The developed method of express examination is based on introduction to procedure of expert estimates the coefficient of proportionality. The comparative assessment of its efficiency is given in article, the accuracy assessment scale when determining a numerical error of results of expert calculations is given. The conclusion that application of the offered express method is justified as considerably reduces labor input, increases quality and efficiency of expert activity while maintaining of high reliability of the received result. Results of research are especially useful at a predesign stage of developments, and also at examination of non-standard decisions and check of the carried-out calculations. Conclusion:The materials stated in article have also important scientific value as make a contribution to further development of a new scientific direction - the general theory of electrotechnical expertise (elektroexpertology).

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ЖурналIndian Journal of Science and Technology
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