Application of Synchrotron Radiation for in Situ XRD Investigation of Zirconium Hydrides Formation at Gas-phase Hydrogenation

Maxim S. Syrtanov, Viktor N. Kudiiarov, Egor B. Kashkarov, Alexander N. Shmakov, Zakhar S. Vinokurov, Mariya N. Babikhina, Konstantin V. Zolotarev

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The zirconium alloy (Zr1%Nb) samples with a micron-thick nickel layer were investigated for hydrogen sorption ability. Hydrogenation was carried out by gas phase method at temperatures of 350, 450 and 550°C. Hydrogen pressure in chamber was 1 atm. Hydrogen sorption curves were obtained on the automated complex Gas Reaction Controller. In situ X-ray diffraction measurements of the process of hydrogen saturation of samples were carried out at the station "Precision diffractometry" at Siberian Synchrotron and Terahertz Radiation Center of the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics. Hydrogen absorption rate by Zr1%Nb alloy increases by order of magnitude with increasing temperature. The phase transitions significantly affect the rate of hydrogen absorption at constant temperature. Measurements were performed using SR from the VEPP-3 storage ring.

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ЖурналPhysics Procedia
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