Application of runaway electron preionized diffuse discharges for surface cleaning and modification

V. F. Tarasenko, M. A. Shulepov, A. V. Voitsekhovskii, D. V. Grigor'ev

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The chapter presents experimental research results on runaway electron preionized diffuse discharges (REP DDs) and their use for surface cleaning and modification. Volume discharges in atmospheric pressure gases were initiated in the gap between a plane anode and a cathode of small curvature radius; the nanosecond high-voltage pulses applied to the gap had both positive and negative polarity. Surface cleaning and modification with REP DDs was studied on steel, AlBe, Al, and Cu plates; the gases were nitrogen, CO2, and air. Modification of p-type epitaxial CdHgTe films with a hole concentration of 2 x 1016 cm3 and mobility of 500 cm2 V-1s-1 was also studied. It is shown that REP DD treatment provides surface cleaning of steel, AlBe, Al, and Cu plates from carbon and oxygen penetration up to a depth of about 50 nm. Treatment by this type of discharge increases the surface hardness of copper and steel. Measurement of electrophysical parameters show that an n-type near-surface layer is formed in the treated epitaxial CdHgTe films. After treatment with 600 pulses and more, the thickness and parameters of the layer are such that the field dependence of the Hall coefficient corresponds to n-type material. Analysis of the results suggests that this type of nanosecond diffuse discharge in atmospheric pressure gases holds promise for surface cleaning and modification.

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