Application of a high-speed laser-induced fluorescence technique for studying the three-dimensional structure of annular gas-liquid flow

Sergey Alekseenko, Andrey Cherdantsev, Mikhail Cherdantsev, Sergey Isaenkov, Sergey Kharlamov, Dmitry Markovich

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The wavy structure of liquid film in annular gas-liquid flow was studied using a high-speed modification of the laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) technique, which was adapted for three-dimensional measurements. The three-dimensional structure of different types of waves in regimes with and without liquid entrainment was investigated. A comparison of the circumferential size of different types of waves was performed. Disturbance waves at high liquid Reynolds numbers were shown to be circumferentially non-uniform, and it was shown that this non-uniformity affects the generation of ripples.

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ЖурналExperiments in Fluids
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