Antimonium pentachloride electron density redistribution on complexation

G. N. Dolenko, O. Kh Poleshchuk, J. Koput

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    Electron structure changes of SbCl5 on its complexation have been investigated by X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy and compared with corresponding earlier data for SnCl4L2 and TiCl4L2 complexes. X-ray spectral data analysis against the data of the heat of formation of the complexes, Mössbauer effect parameters, derivatographic data, and the valence vibration frequences have permitted an assessment of the complex stability against different factors and have proved donor electron density transfer from the donor to the acceptor to be small. It has been shown that the donor charge effect consists mainly of the acceptor bond polarization.

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    ЖурналHeteroatom Chemistry
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    Dolenko, G. N., Poleshchuk, O. K., & Koput, J. (1998). Antimonium pentachloride electron density redistribution on complexation. Heteroatom Chemistry, 9(6), 543-548.