Angular-translational x-ray tomographic scanning approach for non-rotating samples

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In the present work, an x-ray tomographic scanning approach based on the combination of angular and translational scans was proposed. The reconstruction algorithms were applied to a simple object, the standard 2D test sample in a form of the Shepp-Logan phantom, and sample in real tomographic experiment. These reconstructions were done for the rotational, translational, and combined tomographic scans in case of a limited angular range of the scan. The power of the proposed approach was demonstrated in comparison to other standard scans. We demonstrated that the proposed approach allows a quick and high-quality reconstruction of the 2D and 3D samples. The reconstruction quality is a function of the number of angular and translational positions, which define the measurement time, and should be individually determined for each sample. We expect that this approach will provide a quick and informative analysis of different specimens for industrial application.

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