Analysis of the nonlinear dynamics of the timoshenko flexible beams using wavelets

J. Awrejcewicz, A. V. Krysko, V. Soldatov, V. A. Krysko

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Regular and chaotic dynamics of the flexible Timoshenko-type beams is studied using both the standard Fourier (FFT) and the continuous wavelet transform methods. The governing equations of motion for geometrically nonlinear Timoshenko-type beams are reduced to a system of ODEs using both finite element method (FEM) and finite difference method (FDM) to ensure the reliability of numerical results. Scenarios of transition from regular to chaotic vibrations and beam dynamical stability loss are analyzed. Advantages and disadvantages of various wavelet functions are discussed. Application of continuous wavelet transform to the investigation of transitional and chaotic phenomena in nonlinear dynamics is illustrated and discussed.

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ЖурналJournal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics
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