Analysis of switched quantizer based on the quadratic spline functions

Zoran Peric, Jelena Nikolic, Lazar Velimirovic, Stefan Panic, Miomir Stankovic

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In this paper, an approximation of the optimal compressor function using the quadratic spline functions with 2L = 8 segments is described. Since the quadratic spline with 2L = 8 segments provides better approximation of the optimal compression function than quadratic spline with 2L = 4 segments, capitalizing on the benefits of the obtained spline approximation, quantizer designing process is firstly performed for the so assumed number of segments and the Laplacian source of a unit variance. Then, to enhance the usability of the proposed model, the switched quantization technique is applied and a beneficial analysis is derived, providing insight in the robustness of the proposed quantizer performances with respect to the mismatch in designed for and applied to variances. Reached quality has been compared to another model from the literature, and it has been shown that the proposed model outperforms the previous model by almost 1.3 dB.

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ЖурналInternational Journal of Computer Mathematics
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