Analysis of quality of welded joints of iron-concrete products

Ludmila Redko, Inna Plotnikova, Nataliya Chicherina, Olga Tchaikovskaya, Josefa Bastida

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The search for effective methods of management is one of the strategic directions of economic development. To obtain high-quality products, organizations should manage nonconformities and causes of product defects. The paper focuses on the analysis of groups of defects of welded joints using statistical methods. Welding process was considered as one of the processes of management. The possible causes of nonconformities were indicated. The method of failure modes and effects analysis was used to quantify the level of risk. A matrix of consequences and probabilities was presented, and critical risks and risk situations were selected. The proposed measures to eliminate or minimize negative effects enable identification of problem areas of the life cycle of welded structures.

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