Analysis of parameters of an electron beam from a plasma-filled diode

A. A. Zherlitsyn, B. M. Koval'chuk, N. N. Pedin

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    We analyze the properties of a high-current electron beam formed in an electron source based on a plasma-filled diode and a linear pulsed transformer. The beam parameters are determined by measuring bremsstrahlung X-rays and the beam current, as well as the photographs of the diode gap in the optical range, of the anode in X-rays, and beam autographs. A beam with a current of ~100 kA and a mean electron energy exceeding 0.7 MeV for an accelerating voltage amplitude of ~1 MV is obtained. The diameter of the generated beam is ~1 cm. The electron beam from the plasma-filled diode makes it possible to attain a high anode power density (>1010 W/cm2) for exciting shock waves, for obtaining high pressures, and for generating powerful X-rays.

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