Analysis of multiple scattering contribution in the back-scatter x-ray testing

B. I. Kapranov, V. J. Maklashevsky, V. N. Filinov

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For prognosis of the technical capabilities of back scattered radiation instruments the quantitative estimation of the multiple scattering contribution (which may be defined as noise) is necessary. The block diagram of the calculation program was formed with an object-oriented programme. It gives an opportunity to vary all the parameters: the medium characteristics; the radiation source parameters; sizes of the medium; sizes and position of detectors; the geometry of collimation systems for primary and scattered radiation. This model is more adequate than previous ones in the cases of composites: organoplastic, glass-fiber-reinforced plastic, rubber, etc for such loses, across the whole energy range and scanning depth the noise level is approximately 20% of the signal, this makes obligatory its compensation in systems using backscattered radiation.

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ЖурналNondestructive Testing and Evaluation
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