Analysis and improvement of business process models using spreadsheets

Jorge Saldivar, Carla Vairetti, Carlos Rodríguez, Florian Daniel, Fabio Casati, Rosa Alarcón

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Software in general is thoroughly analyzed before it is released to its users. Business processes often are not - at least not as thoroughly as it could be - before they are released to their users, e.g., employees or software agents. This paper ascribes this practice to the lack of suitable instruments for business process analysts, who design the processes, and aims to provide them with the necessary instruments to allow them to also analyze their processes. We use the spreadsheet paradigm to represent business process analysis tasks, such as writing metrics and assertions, running performance analysis and verification tasks, and reporting on the outcomes, and implement a spreadsheet-based tool for business process analysis. The results of two independent user studies demonstrate the viability of the approach.

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