An Experimental Procedure to Estimate Lifetime of Water Drop with Graphite Inclusion under Intensive Vaporization with Explosive Breakup

Jean C. Legros, Vladislav M. Gumerov, Maxim V. Piskunov

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We developed an experimental setup equipped with tube furnace for continuous heating of heterogeneous drops at a constant temperature and high-speed camera to study characteristics of phase transitions at interfaces of these drops. Also, an experimental procedure was proposed to estimate time characteristics of processes occurring when heated heterogeneous drops in high-temperature environment. As an example, at temperature of heating of 1373 K, lifetime of 15 μl water drop with 1 mm solid inclusion made of natural graphite in high-temperature environment equals almost to 1 s. Experimental data also enabled to reveal minimum temperature at which intensive vaporization of 5 μl, 10 μl and 15 μl drops with inclusions in size of 2×2×2 mm proceeds with explosive breakup. This temperature equals to 803 ± 10 K depending on initial water volume in heterogeneous drops.

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