An antenna-feed system with an RF drive source for a Cherenkov maser-an antenna-amplifier

V. A. Avgustinovich, S. N. Artemenko, A. S. Shlapakovskii

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The microwave transmission system of an X-band antenna-amplifier (a relativistic traveling-wave tube intended for operation in the fundamental nonaxisymmetric HE 11 mode of a dielectric rod) has been investigated. A specially designed two-frequency tunable resonance microwave pulse compressor is used as an RF drive source. The microwave transmission system is incorporated into a hollow high-voltage electrode of a linear induction accelerator. It is shown that this transmission system can be reasonably matched in a frequency band of about 700 MHz, and microwave pulses with a duration of ~4 ns and a peak power of at least up to 1.6 MW can be transmitted via it without substantial losses and envelope distortions. It is also shown that the actual configuration of the device virtually does not affect the angular distribution of the far-field radiation pattern of the rod antenna, which is an extension of the slow-wave structure of the amplifier.

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