Alumosilicate ceramic proppants based on natural refractory raw materials

T. V. Vakalova, L. P. Devyashina, M. A. Burihina, A. S. Kisner, N. V. Pashenko

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The sintering-strengthening effect of the additions of the highly ferrous bauxite (with Fe2O3 content of 20-25 % in the calcined state) in the compositions with refractory clays was established. It was found that in the temperature range 1350-1500°C the additions of bauxite in amounts of 10-40% have a fluxing effect due to the iron oxide introduced with bauxite in compositions with clay. An increasing the bauxite additive in the amount of 50-70% ensures its strengthening effect by increasing the total content of the mullite of the prismatic habit in the firing products of composites with clay. Preliminary clay and bauxite calcination at 900 °C and an increase in the content of bauxite additive up to 50-70% in compositions with clay allow to produce aluminosilicate proppants with a bulk density of 1.62-1.65 g/cm3 and compressive strength up to 52 MPa.

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