Aluminum Powders for Energetics: Properties and Oxidation Behavior

A. A. Gromov, A. Yu Nalivaiko, V. P. Tarasov, S. V. Zmanovsky, A. N. Arnautov, A. V. Sergienko, K. B. Larionov

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Aluminum powders of different particle sizes (from nano- [as=0.01-0.5μm] to micron-sized (as=1-500μm) and particle shapes (spherical and flakes) are widely used in energetics: from rocket propulsion to self-propagated high-temperature synthesis and water-splitting hydrogen-generating compositions. In this chapter the features of aluminum powder properties will be discussed along with their reaction kinetics and oxidation behavior in different oxidation media: from weak oxidizers (water and air) to strong oxidizers such as rocket propellants.

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Название основной публикацииNanomaterials in Rocket Propulsion Systems
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