The paper presents the radiation and thermal treatment of zirconium ceramics with high-energy Al ion beams generated at an accelerating voltage of 1.5 kV, which modifies the structure and electrophysical properties of zirconium ceramics. Compact powder and ceramic samples are used for the radiation and thermal treatment performed at 1123–1173 K. The surface treatment of compact powders leads to the increase in the grain size, whereas the surface of ceramic samples turns black and electrically conductive in depth. This is because the change in the oxygen stoichiometry of zirconium ceramics. Air annealing of treated ceramics returns the sample to the initial state. The phase composition, microhardness and density of ceramic samples display no changes after the radiation and thermal treatment. Under the experimental conditions, the diffusion of aluminum ions in the surface layer is not observed. It is found that the ion beam treatment leads to the decrease in aluminum-containing impurity in the surface layers of zirconium ceramics.

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