Al2O3/Cu-O composites fabricated by pressureless infiltration of paper-derived Al2O3 porous preforms

Stefan Pfeiffer, Hannes Lorenz, Zongwen Fu, Tobias Fey, Peter Greil, Nahum Travitzky

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Al2O3/Cu-O composites were fabricated from the paper-derived alumina matrix infiltrated with a Cu-3.2 wt% O alloy. Paper-derived alumina preforms with an open porosity ranging from ∼ 14 to ∼ 25 vol% were prepared by sintering of alumina-loaded preceramic papers at 1600 °C for 4 h. Pressureless infiltration at 1320 °C for 4 h of the preforms with Cu–O alloy resulted in the nearly dense materials with good mechanical and electrical properties, e.g. fracture toughness up to 6 MPa m0.5, four-point-bending strength up to 342 MPa, Young's modulus up to 281 GPa and electrical conductivity up to 2 MS/m depending on the volume fraction of copper alloy in the composites. The technological capability of this approach was demonstrated using prototypes in various engineering fields fabricated by lamination, corrugating and Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM) methods.

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