All-inkjet-printed high-performance flexible MoS2 and MoS2-reduced graphene oxide field-effect transistors

Zhi Jiang, Kuan Xiao, Jin Ju Chen, Yan Wang, Zhao Quan Xu, Enrico Sowade, Reinhard R. Baumann, Evgeniya Sheremet, Raul D. Rodriguez, Zhe Sheng Feng

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Two-dimensional (2D) materials have been utilized to design flexible field-effect transistors (FETs) with promising performance. However, flexible FETs still face challenges with poor switching features and ultra-low drive current. In this paper, a facile and repeatable large-area integration process is presented for inkjet-printed FETs with 2D materials active channels and PI films as gate dielectrics. The MoS2 FETs reported here exhibit n-type channel feature with an outstanding average subthreshold swing of 75 mV/dec, an on-state/off-state current ratio of 104, and on-state current up to 10 μA at a power supply voltage of 3.0 V. Besides, MoS2–rGO FETs also exhibit n-type semiconductor features with good electrical properties by the inkjet-printing technology.

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ЖурналJournal of Materials Science
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