Algorithm for adaptive planning of manipulator electric drive motion

V. G. Bukreev, A. V. Orlovskij, A. V. Shumikhin, V. N. Tsemkala

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Organization of the adaptive planning for the control of a three-coordinate electric drive (ED) of a manipulator with required velocities and accelerations along a trajectory on the plane Z, Q, where Q=√X2+Y2, is considered. For shaping the driving signals by the position of X,Y,Z coordinates of executive EDs the Zi(Qi) function interpolation is realized by a polynomial spline function of the third order. Adaptive correction of position data reading for each ED of a manipulator is proposed.

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Статус публикацииОпубликовано - окт 1998


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Bukreev, V. G., Orlovskij, A. V., Shumikhin, A. V., & Tsemkala, V. N. (1998). Algorithm for adaptive planning of manipulator electric drive motion. Elektrotekhnika, (10), 6-12.