Agent for the Selective Adjustment of Blood Lipids

Pavel Sergeevich Postnikov (Изобретатель), Victor Dmitrievich Filimonov (Изобретатель), Marina Evgenievna Trusova (Изобретатель)

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The invention relates to the medicine, namely to an agent for reducing the cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood plasma. The agent claimed comprises a nanocomposite that is a carbon-containing nanoparticles coated with the organic alkyl functional groups representing the residuals —C4H9, —C6H11, —C8H15, —C10H21, —C16H33, —C18H35. These groups are deposited by the covalent modification using diazonium salts of the general formula XC6H4N2+—Y, where X is the alkyl residual —C4H9, —C6H11, —C8H15, —C10H21, —C16H33, or C18H35, Y is the anion —HSO4, —Cl, —BF4 or —OTs. The invention provides an effective reduction of cholesterol and triglyceride presented in the blood plasma.
Язык оригиналаАнглийский
Номер патентаUS 20160220608 A1
IPCC07C15/00, A61K33/44, A61K9/14
Дата приоритета8.10.13
СостояниеОпубликовано - 4 авг 2016

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    Postnikov, P. S., Filimonov, V. D., & Trusova, M. E. (2016). IPC № C07C15/00, A61K33/44, A61K9/14. Agent for the Selective Adjustment of Blood Lipids. (Патент № US 20160220608 A1).