Ag-PMMA structures for application in infra-red optical range

J. Tuma, O. Lyutakov, I. Goncharova, V. Svorcik

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In proposed work the preparation of ordered microstructures of silver with arc shape on the patterned polymer surfaces is described. The most attractive feature of these structures is the ability to manipulate with their optical properties. Structures were fabricated by laser scanning of poly(methyl methacrylate) doped by porphyrine. Simple lattice and the fishnet structure were obtained on the polymer surface. Both structures were coated using silver shadow evaporation method. Prepared structures were analysed by AFM, SEM and FIB-SEM methods. Then electrical and optical properties were estimated by resistance measurements and infrared spectroscopy. In this work preparation of sinusoidal pattern and fishnet structure on the polymer surface is described. Artificial nature of the prepared structure manifests itself by strong absorption band in absorption spectra and as an increase of reflectivity in reflection spectra near absorption band.

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