Advisor information control system for tokamak technological equipment

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This paper presents the results of designing a hardware and software suite of a control unit for Tokamak technological equipment (an experimental plant working in repetitively pulsed mode and intended for producing controlled thermonuclear fusion). In order to reduce time consumption for preparation activities, minimize errors of the operator when generating control commands and use the function of group complex preparation of a distributed park of technological aggregates, there has been solved a problem of automation of the equipment preparation to experiments via applying an advisor information control system. The solution to the problem is based on the application of the Petri-net machine, and the object under control at the informational level is described with a discrete model every state of which can be described by a Mealy machine. The control system software is completed and tested as a part of the control unit of КТМ plant (Kurchatov, the Republic of Kazakhstan), Viktoriya Т-15 plant, an impulse modulator complex, (Moscow) and others.

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