Advanced simulations of optical transition and diffraction radiation

T. Aumeyr, M. G. Billing, L. M. Bobb, B. Bolzon, E. Bravin, P. Karataev, K. Kruchinin, T. Lefevre, S. Mazzoni

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    Charged particle beam diagnostics is a key task in modern and future accelerator installations. The diagnostic tools are practically the "eyes" of the operators. The precision and resolution of the diagnostic equipment are crucial to define the performance of the accelerator. Transition and diffraction radiation (TR and DR) are widely used for electron beam parameter monitoring. However, the precision and resolution of those devices are determined by how well the production, transport and detection of these radiation types are understood. This paper reports on simulations of TR and DR spatial-spectral characteristics using the physical optics propagation (POP) mode of the Zemax advanced optics simulation software. A good consistency with theory is demonstrated. Also, realistic optical system alignment issues are discussed.

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    ЖурналPhysical Review Special Topics - Accelerators and Beams
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