Adsorption of hydrocarbons from gas-air mixture on polypropylene stereoisomers

Z. T. Dmitrieva, V. G. Bondaletov, I. G. Antonov, E. B. Chernov

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Kinetics of absorption of a mixture of aliphatic, aromatic, and unsaturated hydrocarbons from the gas phase onto polypropylene containing 5, 18, and 40% atactic polymer in its molecular lattice was studied. The kinetic parameters, equilibrium constant, and Gibbs energy of adsorption-desorption of the hydrocarbons were determined by zero-, first-, and second-order optimization of the solution of the multiparameter equation. These parameters were correlated with the adsorbent composition and the number of sorption-desorption cycles.

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ЖурналRussian Journal of Applied Chemistry
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