Adjustment of tube deformation at the electrodischarge pressing

Alexandr Ivanovich Zhuchkov, V. I. Kurets, M. A. Solov'ev, E. N. Tarakanovskij, Genadiy Petrovich Filatov

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Proposed method allows to limit the tube deformation on the inside cut of the tube plate. Limiting deformation is obtained applying special embedding that has central aperture for water flow. The best embedding position is determined as well as its geometrical size providing maximum pressure extinction formed when gas-vapor cavity is enlarged. Pressure wave energy is quenched because of dissipative losses inside the embedding material and due to losses derived from pressure wave reflection and refraction in the gap between the embedding and the tube side. The best material for embedding is polyethylene that not only protects tube side from deformation but also it is not destroyed and it is possible to use this embedding iteratively.

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ЖурналElektronnaya Obrabotka Materialov
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