Adaptive-Robust Stabilization of Interval Control System Quality on a Base of Dominant Poles Method

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Abstract: The paper is dedicated to a development of methods of synthesizing linear adaptive-robustcontrollers of low order, which allow providing constant values of control quality indices. Tostabilize systems’ dynamics, it is proposed to place allocation areas of system poles according topole dominance principle. Dominant poles allocation in certain points of complex plane is reachedby adjusting some of controller parameters; reduction of other poles’ influence on the controlquality is reached by choosing constant values for other parameters of the controller. The paperproposes the synthesis method combining advantages of adaptive and robust approach tosynthesizing control systems with interval parameters. It is noted that to apply the methodproposed, it is necessary to obtain linear mathematical model of the system in the form ofcharacteristic polynomial with integral coefficients and to adjust the parameters of controller, it isnecessary to obtain transient values of interval parameters.

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