Activation of the sintering process of iron powders by introducing nanodispersed additives

S. V. Matrenin, A. P. Il'in, A. I. Slosman, L. O. Tolbanova

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The results of studying of the effect of additions on nanodispersed iron powder (Fe-NP) obtained by the electrical explosion method on the formation and sintering of industrial coarse-grain iron powder are presented. The effect of amount of Fe-NP added to the charge material on compactibility and moldability of compacts, properties, microstructure, and phase composition of sintered material is analyzed. Electrically explosive Fe-NP is shown to be low-technologic. Charges based on the coarse-grained iron powder that contain up to 20% Fe-NP have good compactibility and moldability. It is established that introduction of Fe-NP into the charge causes activation of sintering and is favorable for obtaining the sintered samples with fine-grain crystalline structure and increased physicomechanical characteristics. The effect of amount of the Fe-NP addition to effective activation energy of sintering is evaluated.

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ЖурналRussian Journal of Non-Ferrous Metals
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