Activation of the fuels with low reactivity using the high-power laser pulses

Roman I. Egorov, Alexandr S. Zaitsev, Eugene A. Salgansky

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In this paper we have proposed the simple and effective approach to activation of the low reactivity industrial fuel which can be used immediately inside the furnace. The high-power laser pulses initiates partial gasification of the fuel together with its ultra-fine atomization. The gas-aerosol cloud surrounding the initial coal-water slurry droplet can consist of approximately 10% (after absorption of hundred pulses) of the initial droplet weight. The ratio of the syngas and aerosol weights is like 1:2 when pulse intensity is higher than 8 J/cm2. The size and velocity distributions of the ultra-fine aerosol particles were analysed using the original realization of the particle tracking velocimetry technique.

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