Acoustic reaction of solids to irradiation by X-rays powerful beams

E. A. Arkaev, R. B. Baksht, A. A. Bespal'ko, A. V. Luchinskij

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With the aim of development of the X-ray acoustic method for checking radiation parameters and irradiated materials state are investigated acoustic pulses excited by power sources of soft X radiation with the wave length of 0.1-10 nm. The flowsheet of the experiment is presented. It is shown that the shape of compression acoustic pulse reflects variations in intensity and time of power soft X radiation. The conclusion is made that the existence of a linear section in the dependence of the maximal amplitude of a compression acoustic pulse on the surface power density permits to use the acoustic signal for determination and control of the power soft X radiation parameters.

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ЖурналAkusticheskij Zhurnal
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