Abrasive wear of micro- and nanocomposites based on super-high-molecular polyethylene (SHMPE). Part 1. Composites based on shmpe filled with microparticles AlO(OH) and Al 2O 3

S. V. Panin, L. A. Kornienko, N. Sondghaitam, L. R. Ivanova, S. V. Shil'ko

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The abrasive wear of pure SHMPE and its dispersed reinforced composites are studied when they are filled with AlO(OH) and Al 2O 3 microparticles. It is established that the abrasive resistance of the studied microcomposite can grow by up to 16-18 times compared to the original SHMPE in response to the abrasive grain size. Optic profilometry, IR-spectroscopy, differential scanning calorimetry, and scanning electron microscopy are employed to study the supramolecular structure and tribosurface of the studied anfrictional materials. It is shown that the abrasive resistance of the composites is governed by the nature and content of the microfiller and abrasive, and, to a greater extent, by the ratio of the size of the microfiller and abrasive grain. The abrasive resistance of the SHMPE-based microcomposites is discussed.

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ЖурналJournal of Friction and Wear
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