About role of adhesive and cohesive interactions in cement systems

Yu S. Sarkisov, I. A. Rahmanova, N. P. Gorlenko, D. A. Afanasyev, N. O. Solonicina, N. N. Debelova, L. F. Ikonnikova

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This work studies the effect on the strength and other mechanical characteristics of hardening structures in the "cement-water" system with a filler of identical chemical nature consisting of cement granules or cubes at different age and with their own characteristics. This study was performed in the light of a new paradigm in natural science and the unity and opposites of markovian and non-markovian processes with forming structures similar to own ones where the indicators are harmonic numbers, golden proportion and Fibonacci numbers. Moreover, structured modeling of the above mentioned systems was carried out, and effect of the ratio of adhesive and cohesive forces on the structure formation of cement systems was investigated. It was shown that it is necessary to have 238732 particles per 1 m of the sample, taking into account that the density of particles packing with a diameter of 1 cm is 100 %. If the density is lower, it is necessary to have 152788 particles. It was established that the strength of hardening structures depends on the age and configuration of filler granules.

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ЖурналJournal of Physics: Conference Series
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СобытиеInternational Conference Complex Equipment of Quality Control Laboratories 2018 - Saint-Petersburg, Российская Федерация
Продолжительность: 17 июл 201819 июл 2018

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