Ability for autothermal process of low-temperature pyrolysis of peat

N. V. Suglobova, T. M. Plakhova, Alexander Vladimirovich Kazakov, A. S. Zavorin

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Currently, fuel prices are constantly rising. This phenomenon is explained by a gradual decrease in stocks of natural resources. To study and develop of new deposits require large expenditures of money. Generally, all fuel for thermal power plants in the Tomsk region is imported. However, Tomsk region has large reserves of peat. There are no restrictions on the development of peat deposits [1]. Also local peat deposits studied enough. Local Peat can be successfully used as primary fuel. Peat has a high moisture content, low ash content, low heat of combustion. That is why in the initial form as the main fuel not use. In this regard, great attention is paid to the thermal characteristics of peat fuel. Use of peat with improved characteristics allows saving on production and transportation. This article is devoted to the determination of the thermal effects pyrolysis of Kandinsky peat deposits, specifically search kinetic constants. By means of thermal analysis studied the thermal effects of physical and chemical processes. The results depicted in graphic form according to the differential temperature and differential weight versus time. These dependences are obtained using a special installation for differential thermal analysis (DTA) and thermogravimetric (TGA) analysis. The data obtained are used in existing mathematical model to identify the heat treatment conditions, whereby the thermal effect will be maximized.

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