A validation approach for short-circuit currents calculation in large-scale power systems

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Reliability and efficiency of electric power systems (EPS) operation depend on the adequacy of information about quasi-state and transient processes in EPS used for their research, design, and operation. A value of short-circuit currents (SCC), especially their maximum values, is one of the important information used for different tasks. The difficulty of obtaining this information is the need to use a large-scale EPS mathematical model for SCC calculation. The total mathematical model of any large-scale EPS is a stiff and nonlinear system of differential equations of high order. Such system cannot be solved analytically. Satisfactory solution is also impossible by using the numerical approach that leads to the need for applying simplifications and limitations reducing the adequacy of simulation results. Therefore, each solution should be validated. The comparison of simulation results with the field data is the most reliable way of validation. However, the acceptable amount of field data cannot be obtained in the foreseeable future in view of the obvious variety of EPS modes, especially emergency ones. An alternative way of validation is suggested in the paper: the using of an adequate reference model instead of field data. The experimental sample of hybrid real-time power system simulator having the necessary properties and capabilities is used as the reference model. The indicated possibility of SCC calculation validation is proved by the experimental studies shown in the paper.

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