A synchronized X-pinch driver

A. P. Artyomov, A. S. Zhigalin, I. V. Lavrinovich, V. I. Oreshkin, N. A. Ratakhin, A. G. Rousskikh, A. V. Fedyunin, S. A. Chaikovsky, A. A. Erfort, K. N. Mitrofanov, E. V. Grabovski, V. V. Alexandrov, V. P. Smirnov

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The efficiency of the X-ray point-projection radiography technique has been demonstrated on a terawatt pulse power generator using a detached compact current generator driving an X-pinch load. This technique has been approved in an experiment on the multiwire-array implosion performed at the Angara-5-1 generator with a peak power as high as 6 TW. The advantage of this experiment over earlier experiments on terawatt generators is in the use of a separate X-pinch driver, which makes it possible to arbitrarily vary the sample probing time. The X-pinch driver is connected to the load unit by means of a flexible low-inductance transmission line. The flexibility of the transmission line is an additional advantage of this technique, since it allows the accuracy of the X-ray radiography system adjustment to be improved and the X-pinch to be located near the plasma load. When compared to the laser method for producing a probe radiation source, the proposed technique features a smaller size, a lower cost of the facility, the absence of high-price optical elements, and a higher efficiency of X-ray generation. Owing to the small size of the synchronized X-pinch driver, it can be transported for use in experiments performed at other research organizations.

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