A Switching Inductive-Capacitor Generator of Powerful Current Pulses

G. V. Nosov, M. G. Nosova

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Abstract: A generator is studied that consists of a low-power source with an insufficient DC voltage level for the consumer, a semiconductor switch on an IGBT transistor, an inductive-capacitive link, a thyristor that is switched on by dynistors, and a pulse transformer. The generator is designed to power various consumers with high-power current pulses with a repetition frequency of up to 100 Hz or more. Experimental studies of a generator prototype model showed that in comparison with a low-power source (22 W, 13.8 V), the pulse power and voltage values for a consumer were 2.47 kW and 1122 V. At the same time, the current pulses had an amplitude of 2.2 A, a duration of 20 μs, and a repetition frequency of 50–167 Hz in the consumer’s resistance (510 Ω) at a source voltage of 13.8–22.8 V. As the DC voltage of the power supply increased, the number of capacitor-charging current pulses decreased, while the frequency of current pulses in the load increased. The maximum voltage at the capacitor during its charging is 3–5 times higher than the source voltage.

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