A size effect in the optical properties of powdered TiO2

M. M. Mikhailov, V. A. Vlasov

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The spectral reflectivity p in the region 0.36-2.1 μm and its change Δp with irradiation by 30 keV electrons versus the average grain size rav in a TiO2 (rutile) powder has been studied in the range 1-7.5 μm. It has been established that the dependence of p on r av differs for different regions of the spectrum, but there is a common increase of p in the size range 2.5-4 μm. The value of Δp after irradiation is also less in powders with this range of sizes. It has been shown that the dependence Δp = f(rav) with increasing electron fluence from 2.1015 to 4. 1016 is strengthened for one band and weakened for another.

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