A multiwave CuBr and PbBr2 laser with a sectioned active volume

V. B. Sukhanov, A. G. Filonov, D. V. Shiyanov

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The operation of a CuBr and PbBr2 laser with a two-section gas-discharge tube with working media in different sections and an additional electrode between the sections was studied for the first time. Effective lasing was achieved in both media under control of time location of lasing pulses in different active media. The total mean lasing power equal to 1.5 W was distributed over wavelengths as follows: 1 W (510.6 nm), 0.3 W (578.2 nm), and 0.2 W (722.9 nm). The specific features of operation of the multicomponent laser and methods for its optimization are discussed. It is shown that the lasing power in a section is close to the power of an individual active element.

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