A model for gold deposit formation in ophiolite belts

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Ophiolite-belt basite-hyperbasite intrusions participate in gold mineralization during autometasomatism and superimposed hydrothermal metasomatism related to the emplacement of gabbro-plagiogranite intrusions. These processes led to extraction of gold from the basite-hyperbasites and the enclosing carbonaceous shales and to saturation of the mineralizaing hydrothermal solutions. The early alkaline hydrothermal solutions redistributed and extracted up to 20-40% of the metal, while the late ones led to its accumulation in the surrounding sulfidized listvenite-beresites, with influx into the zone of metasomatism: KAu≥90-296. Greenstone metamorphism of the magmatites had essentialy no effect on the gold redistribution and accumulation: KAu 1.0-0.9. -Journal summary

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