A magnetic-thyristor pulse generator for electric-discharge technologies

V. A. Makeev, V. I. Gusel'nikov, Andrey V. Stepanov, E. G. Furman, Fu Quan Wang

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A generator is described that is intended for operation in the area of electric-discharge technologies. Depending on the electrical strength of the load, the generator produces voltages of up to 50 kV, the dissipated energy of the pulse is up to 200 J, and the pulse repetition rate is up to 100 Hz. The generator is based on the direct discharge of capacitors to a discharge gap through a coaxial cable with a length of up to 200 m and without additional switching components. The circuit stabilizing the pulse energy due to recuperation of the unused energy in the filter capacitor of the power supply is used to stabilize the energy dissipated by the load.

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