A high repetition rate electron accelerator with a water Blumlein and a matching transformer

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The paper presents the principle of operation and the results of tests of an electron accelerator designed to obtain bremsstrahlung X-ray radiation. The accelerator was assembled according to the Blumlein scheme with a gas spark gap and a matching pulsed autotransformer forward of a vacuum electron diode with an explosive emission cathode. The main parameters of the accelerator were as follows: accelerating voltage 300–450 kV; half-amplitude pulse duration 80 ns; current in a vacuum diode 6–10 kA; pulse repetition rate 2pps (can be increased up to 10 pps in a pulse burst mode of ∼1000 pulses). The voltage and current are given for the matched mode of the Blumlein and diode operation. Pulse-to-pulse fluctuations of the diode voltage were less than 10% for 10-pps operation mode. The variation of the accelerating voltage was provided by changing the pressure in a gap and by the magnitude of the initial voltage in the power supply. The absorbed dose of over 5 mGy per pulse was obtained when constructing a metred polar converter of bremsstrahlung X-ray radiation.

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