A high-current pulsed accelerator with a matching transformer

G. E. Remnev, E. G. Furman, A. I. Pushkarev, S. B. Karpuzov, N. A. Kondrat'ev, D. V. Goncharov

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An externally biased matching transformer was used to increase the efficiency of transfer of the energy stored in the double forming line (DFL) of a high-current electron accelerator to the electron beam. The transformer was placed between the DFL and the diode module. Saturation of the transformer core prior to line charging allowed us to significantly reduce the amplitude of the prepulse and its destructive effect on the anode foil without using a pulse-sharpening gap. An electron beam with a pulse energy of 200 J was produced; the kinetic energy of the electrons was 500 keV and the pulse duration was 60 ns.

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ЖурналInstruments and Experimental Techniques
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