A direct search for neutron nuclei in decay of 238U

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An experiment in direct registration of neutron nuclei (x ≥ 6) using a multineutron detector has been conducted for the first time. The results indicate the presence of hexaneutron and/or octaneutron emission in decay of 238U nuclei. The multineutron detector consisted of 20 3He-filled counters placed in a polyethylene moderator. Samples (emitters) of uranium trioxide (UO3) were used as sources of neutron nuclei. The experiment was conducted for a period of 112.66 days. Thus, the ratios of probabilities of hexaneutron and/or octaneutron emission by the 238U nuclei to the probabilities of α-decay have been determined as upper bounds at a 90% confidence level: λ (6n)/λ α ≤ 9.3 × 10-9 and λ (8n)/λα ≤ 3.6 × 10-10.

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