A device for studying the scattering properties of fluid droplet samples

A. S. Rafalsky, A. A. Aristov, G. S. Evtushenko, E. V. Zhoglo

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Scattering indicatrices can yield substantial information on the composition and properties of samples in studies of dispersive media by optical methods. This paper describes a simple and convenient experimental setup that allows measurements of the scattering indicatrices (at angles from -90° to +90°) of fluid samples in the form of sessile droplets with concurrent recording and estimation of the geometrical parameters of the lateral projection of a droplet sample. The results of studying samples of blood with different levels of hematocrit and different types of erythrocyte aggregation are presented. The device can be used both in scientific research for studying physical properties of liquids and in clinical diagnostic practice for staging a number of existing hematological, immunological, and biochemical tests.

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