A CuBr laser with high efficiency in the double-pumping-pulse mode

A. I. Fedorov, D. V. Shiyanov

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The results of examination of characteristics of a CuBr laser operated in the double-pumping-pulse mode with a lasing pulse repetition rate of 50 Hz are presented. The potential to enhance the laser efficiency by choosing the optimum voltages of dissociation and excitation pulses and time delay values is discussed. It is confirmed that a more than twofold increase in the laser efficiency may be achieved through optimization and matched injection of the excitation-pulse energy into the active medium plasma. A laser efficiency as high as 2.6% (with respect to an excitation pulse) with an average power of 16 mW, an energy of 0.32 mJ, a halfamplitude laser pulse duration of 40 ns, and a time delay of 150 μs is demonstrated. The maximum average radiation power is 37 mW with an energy of 0.7 mJ and a laser efficiency of 0.7% at an energy density of 24 (2.7) mJ/cm3 of a dissociation (excitation) pumping pulse.

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ЖурналTechnical Physics Letters
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